Three Deer Imprisoned at Pittsburgh Nursery Need Your Voice!

Meder’s Nursery in Pittsburgh reportedly keeps three deer cruelly confined to a tiny windowless room year-round, except during the holiday season when they are exhibited. To make things worse, we’re told that the smallest deer is often bullied by the others.


Deer are undomesticated animals—their wild instincts are still intact. In captivity, with their instinctual needs largely (if not entirely) thwarted, they can become despondent over time and develop abnormal and self-destructive behavior, including pacing, rocking, swaying, bar-biting, and self-mutilation. Others suffer less “dramatically” but remain deeply unhappy at heart. While on exhibit, being subjected to a barrage of strange noises, activity, and people trying to touch them can’t offer these “prey” animals much reprieve.

PETA reached out to the nursery’s owners and urged them to provide the deer with an ample outdoor habitat or to place them with a sanctuary (we offered to help with this), but to no avail. Meanwhile, these wild animals reportedly languish as prisoners. Please contact Meder’s Nursery and politely implore its staff to do right by these deer—then forward this alert widely!


Source [PETA]


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