Week 6 – Giants v. 49ers for Princess

Congratulations, girl. The Giants did it, no trap game there. I guess you knew what you were talking about.

Thanks,that’s a real vote of confidence, John, “GUESS”! I knew all along what I was talking about. What game is on tap this week, John?

Alright girl, we’re doing another Giants game; they are going out to San Francisco to take on the 49ers.

John, the 49ers? The same 49ers team that is out for revenge from last year’s playoff loss and have outscored their opponents by 70 something to 3 …. those 49ers?

Yes, those 49ers …. here’s the game.

Princess making her pick.

Princess picks the Giants to WIN!!!

Girl, you just told me that the 49ers – probably one of the better teams in the league are out for revenge for last year’s loss in the playoffs to the Giants ..… have outscored their opponents by amazing numbers in the last 2 weeks ….. and they are playing at home. You been eating those tinted graham crackers again?

Well, John, maybe ummm …. maybe ummm, we can do a do-over? That will give me more graham crackers and maybe a chance to change my mind, you know, like after talking it over with you.

I got a couple more graham crackers for you girl, but …..

Alright John, I’m not backtracking. I really do think the Giants will win this game. If for nothing else to show Jacobs and Manningham they made the wrong decision to leave the Giants and sign with the 49ers. Besides the Giants have Eli.


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