Chihuahua Rescue

24 Chihuahuas were flown to Popcorn Park from a hoarding situation in Gates NC. They arrived today courtesy of Pilots for Paws. Carla Johnson of  Chihuahua Rescue & Transport, Inc. became aware of the chihuahuas in need and began making calls late last month, one of the calls came into Assoc Humane Soc’s Popcorn Park and arrangements started to fall into place for saving them. The plans really came together when Pilot Matthew Kiener from Pilots for Paws offered his services. They all arrived today at Robert Miller Air Park in Berkeley Twp around 3 pm.
Just landed and finding a “parking spot”
Pilot Matt (right) and Byron (on the left) landed and opened up the door to their precious cargo.
Staff started moving the Chihuahuas from the plane to our awaiting vans for the 10 minute trip back to Popcorn Park
And then once at the shelter they were brought to our clinic and given health exams, and any vaccines that may have been needed before going into their specially set up kennels full of comforters
Dudley, the last one in our vehicles awaits for his new caretaker
Staff and Chihuahuas lined up at our vet’s door for the chi’s exams
AJ waiting her turn with the “Doc”
has her turn
And as it turns out only has 2 teeth, but she’ll be fine, on her special diet

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