Princess’s Pick Week 8

Congratulations girl, the Patriots did it!  They almost didn’t, they were giving the game to the Jets, but they did pull it out in overtime.

 Oh John that’s not like the Patriots or Belichick, they had the game in hand and the Jets came back and almost won.  Kudos to the Jets they almost did it.  Let me finish this graham cracker while you tell me what game we are doing this week. Girl we’re doing a Giants game this week; they’re going down to Texas to play the Cowboys.The Game

Cowboys/Giants always a good game and always a toss-up, you never know who’s going to win.  But Dallas’s little owner, that little guy….. he is so annoying.

Princess making her pick.

Princess picks the Giants to win!
Yikes…’re going with the Giants again girl?  I know they’ve been winning…… but playing down in Dallas that’s not easy.
Relax John, it’ll be okay.  Dallas has been hit with the injury bug.  So have the Giants,, but the Giants are getting healthier.  Besides the Giants like beating the Cowboys so they can watch that little Jerry Jones guy get mad. He gets all red in the face and jumps around the sidelines like a little red leprechaun.
Hey girl, well what do you know, it’s the last graham cracker,.. let me try one of these.  What’s so special about them anyway?
The last one……..whoa John…. where are you going with that!!!!
 ummm……well that’s okay girl…….ummmm……… I’ve already ummmm……had my breakfast.
Well good luck to you and the Giants.

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