Princess Makes Her Pick for Week 16

Whew girl, that was a real good pick last week,……. the Giants got smoked 34 -0!  What were you thinking?  I mean come on now 3 losses in a row.
Well that’s what I get for trying to be loyal to the Giants.  I felt bad I hadn’t picked them the week before and look what they did. Eli…… well, I don’t even want to talk about that – that’s another story and all these superstar defensive ends they can’t get out of their own way.  John please tell me we are picking a Jet game this week. 





Aw poor girl, here’s another graham cracker to make you feel better.  The Giants have been treating you pretty rough the last couple of weeks and I know you’re trying to be loyal to them.





Listen girl the Jets and Chargers are both out of the playoffs.  In the Giants/Ravens game the Giants are playing for their playoff lifes, so that’s our game this week.





The Game


No….not again, John.  You never know from one week to the next if they are going to play like champions or  a pop warner team.

Now, now girl relax, either way you’re getting some graham crackers so forget about it.





Princess making her pick.






Princess picks the Giants to win!





See it wasn’t that hard girl, have another graham cracker.   Maybe Eli will get everything together and the defense well….maybe they’ll come together and the Giants will win one for you!






Well, I can see Eli coming around and he’s going to have to in order to score enough points to win because the defense can’t even hold water right now John.

I hope this works out for you and the Giants girl



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