Princess’s Pick Week #17


Princess what’s going on? That’s your 4th loss in a row, that’s kind of unheard of.
John, the Giants are pulling one of these “choke – choke.….” I can’t believe it, they have done everything possible to take their own destiny out of their own hands and embarrass me to boot! I need a shoulder to cry on.


There, there girl, I know the Giants have really let you down this year but….but, you know your head is a bit heavy and all the cryin is getting my sweatshirt all wet. Let’s get yourself together and move on to the game at hand.


Well girl, the good news is we’re not picking the Giants game because they are playing the Eagles and Mr. Vick. The bad news is…… we’re picking the Jets game.
Oh John, you mean Rex Ryan and that 3-ring circus, ummm I mean that 3 quarterback circus. Man, I feel sorry for that guy Tebow. Yeah this ought to be fun, let’s pick that game.


The Game


Princess making her pick…


Princess picks the Bills to win!


The Bills???..…they lost 3 in a row. Princess I thought you were going to pick your old Buddy Rex and his Jets.


John, Monday thru Friday the funniest thing on TV is the Jets press conference, I catch them at night on ESPN. But come Sunday the talk stops and the walk starts, and the Jets just don’t have it this year,….. they’re a funny bunch though….as bad as they are, I think the Bills are going to win.


John I’ve been thinking about these 4 losses. It’s really starting to bother me. As much as it does not show on the field on Sundays….the Jets and Giants practice during the week. Maybe you should bring a bunch of graham crackers and we could practice making the picks all week long.
Yeah right girl!! Let me buy some stock in Keebler’s first.


Good luck this week girl,…. there’s some more grahams… here finish them up.


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