Dog found living in Detroit tree trying to keep warm


A 4-month-old pit and shepherd mix puppy was found living in a tree on the west side of Detroit.

The puppy, named Maple, was using the inside of a hollowed-out tree as shelter from the harsh winter weather. The dog was attempting to survive by staying out of the wind and snow.

She was found by the Michigan Humane Society’s rescue team after someone alerted them to the dog’s situation.

Maple likely would have frozen to death if someone hadn’t called, said the organization.

“The weather is getting a little bit colder and basically the dog turned the tree into a dog house,” said rescue driver Chris Ouwerkerk in a MHS video. “Dogs are pretty smart.”

MHS video: Dog was living in tree

Ouwerkerk says when the rescue team approached the puppy she was friendly and happy to see someone.

Maple was checked out at the Detroit Center for Animal Care where it was discovered she had an upper respiratory infection.

She is currently in foster care, and will be up for adoption in the next week or two.


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