More than 100 fighting birds found in Newark

NEWARK – FBI agents along with representatives from the Associated Humane Societies and the New Jersey SPCA discovered more than 100 birds inside a Newark home. It is believed the animals were raised and trained specifically for cock-fighting.

The animals were found inside a building at 286 Sussex St. According to one investigator, the location has all the makings of a cock-fighting operation, with sophisticated training rooms and a room where prized fighting birds were kept.

The operation was discovered by agents who were investigating a separate matter.



He was kept tied up outside of the Sussex Ave. compound.
This handsome Labrador Retriever is now
available for adoption. He is about 6 years old and
has a great personality. File 114136-M (Newark).


This young kitten was found in the yard and was
confiscated by AHS. She is very sweet … & very
pretty. File 114135-F (Newark). She was recently adopted out! 1/10/2013




More than 100 fighting birds found in Newark.


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