Dixie -Emaciated and Pregnant

Popcorn Park was contacted with a picture of an emaciated, overbred, pregnant American Pit Bull Terrier type at an animal control center in Georgia. “Dixie” was in imminent danger of being euthanized. It is obvious that she has had a rough life – extremely skinny and has had numerous litters. The shelter is overcrowded and there was no room for pups. This was a late term pregnancy and we didn’t know how much time she had …. and it was a desperate situation. A transport from Georgia was coming to the Northeast to deliver many animals and they could include Dixie. Thankfully, a bully breed rescue group took pity on her.

Thankfully, Dixie made the trip without delivering her pups despite their impending birth. Although we were advised that she was in good health, the stress of the trip left her in need of some medical care. She was loaded with life-threatening hookworms and other intestinal parasites; she was coughing and had some nasal discharge.

It was obvious from her brief meeting with Zoo Director John Bergmann that she instantly bonded to the first person who indicated an interest and concern in her well being. Her face is vacant …. her capacity for a strong emotional tie is empty … her travel to NJ has left her uncomprehending. Whatever she had in the way of southern hospitality cannot be compared to the efforts to give Dixie the best we can to make a difference in her life. But it is too soon for her to understand. She has only led a life of abuse and neglect.

She has been transferred to our Newark Animal Care Center where she has her own private “suite” — a whelping box, blankets, all the food and clean water she wants and an environment surrounded by caring staff free from anxiety and stress. For more information on Dixie and her impending pups, call the Society at 973-824-7080 and refer to File 114280 or contact us by e-mail.

Your Res-Q Fund donations to keep our lady-in-waiting during the time and care she needs will help Dixie and the many other animals who need to stay with us for a protracted period of time. We will keep you updated as she raises her family.

The Society is located at 124 Evergreen Ave. in Newark, just off of Rt. 1 and 9, near the Newark International Airport, convenient to the NJ Turnpike, Rt. 22. The Associated Humane Societies is open 7 days a week.


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