That fiberglass patch is finally off. Little by little our vet staff has been taking off some of the fiberglass patch that Max’s previous owner had put on him after some sort of injury, (which the owner never explained) Yesterday started out by taking a little here a little there, and then one thing lead to other and more pieces and then bigger pieces started coming off. After about a half hour of dremel tool work and some sanding they got down to new scoot growth and things looked pretty good. Then just as we thought they were finished they felt a loose edge, a big loose edge right over the originally wound. It was a little scary, such a big, deep piece but after all the antibiotics, the care and the thought of finally getting all that stuff off, we all looked at each other and with a tug here and there off it came, and what a relief, new growth! We had waited over a year and a half for this, waited for enough time for new bone growth to heal over the wound. Now his shell can continue to grow over that area more easily without all the fiberglass and dead tissue inhibiting new growth. We’ll need to make a makeshift cover over that area to protect it from sun and rain while it fully heals. Max is now fiberglass free!
This is how Maximus had been living before Monmouth Co SPCA and NJ Fish & Wildlife signed complaints and asked Popcorn Park to take him in and care for him.
This is the patch job the owner did with fiberglass, he never would say how Max was injured
Popcorn Park veterinarians Dr’s Paluch and Bergmann working on getting all that off
All off
Cleaned a scrubbed well
Finally off and all cleaned up, that’s new shell growing top right and center new bone growth.
That big piece that needed to come off
This is Max this past summer outside in his summer inclosure, he’ll need a little makeshift like a little umbrella attached to his shell to cover the area from direct sunlight and rain, but he’ll be fine


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