ASK THE VET: February


What’s the best thing I can I do so my dog does not have dry skin and dandruff?

Make sure you do not wash your animal too much (do not wash more than twice a month).

Also incorporate fish oil capsules into your dog’s diet.  ½ capsule a day will bring natural oils back (omega 3 fatty acids).



My little Bishon, Buddy will be 7 years old this month, he is a rescue that I have had for 3 years now and he came from a puppy mill. He had been caged his whole life and was used for breeding. I’ve noticed lately that he won’t jump on the couch or on the bed and he has been a little slow on our walks, he doesn’t appear to be in pain, but I can tell he isn’t himself. Is there something I should be doing for him?

  Bring Buddy to the vet to have his knees checked. Smaller dogs tend to have patellar luxations (AKA knee cap shifting when they move); most of the time there is nothing that can be done except for supplements that you can get at your local pharmacy. If there are higher grade issues with the knees, surgery can always correct it. Your best bet is to take him to your local vet and have him checked out.

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ASK THE VET: February.


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