Rescue Tail: Samson

This is Samson. He was a rescue I was lucky to adopt from Newark Associated Humane Society at 9mos old. He was emaciated and malnourished, neglected and abandoned on the streets of Newark. I was told he had no play drive. I have been training Sam for Search & Rescue with New Jersey Search and Rescue for the past 2 years. He has incredible drive, motivation and intelligence coupled with an amazing sense of smell.
He will soon be testing for certification for Live Air Scent as well as cadaver certifications in NJ, NY and PA. Adoption through Associated Humane Society has not only given Samson a new lease on life, but will hopefully soon give life to missing adults & children in the tri-state area and bring closure to families of the deceased or justice for Crime Victims.
Before you consider purchasing a dog from a breeder, visit your local Humane Societies, shelters and rescue groups and give opportunity to a stray or abandoned pet.
Be a Hero to them and you just never know the Hero they can Become!!!

P.S. I also rescued an 18 month old German Shepherd 2 weeks ago who’s owner died.  I will be training Samson’s new Partner in Crime “Goliath” for Search & Rescue as well.



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