Newark dog left chained out in cold

UPDATE: 2-26-2013

Words cannot express how devastated we are to receive these photos and be told that the dog had been outside for the most part of the day.
It is our mission to prevent cruelty to all animals and to consistently provide the highest quality of care for them as well. It breaks our hearts when we are prevented from doing our jobs.

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This is Chiny, one of the German Shepard from this case. He’s a very nervous guy as of now but he’s trying to let his guard down and relax. Tess is still suffering in unacceptable conditions while Chiny awaits her arrival.


WPIX 11 New York

A  dog in Newark that was being kept tied up outside in deplorable conditions has been taken inside the owners house.

PIX11 News followed up with animal control  and with Mayor Cory booker’s office.

Finally today, we got some results, with a strange twist.

The dog’s owner also helped rescued another stray dog today.

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