The Ongoing Story: Tess & Telly


In recent news, the NJSPCA has advised that a rescue group from Pennsylvania will be traveling to the Telford Street address this weekend to help clean the debris and haul away the trash. As part of their ongoing, spiteful efforts to keep Tess from coming to AHS-Newark under any circumstances, is it alleged that the NJSPCA will be handing Tess over to this group instead of allowing her to reunite with Telly (previously named Chiny) who is depressed, refusing to eat and clearly needs Tess’ companionship to feel safe and secure. While we are thrilled, Tess will be out of her current situation, our hearts break for Telly who, once again, has been abandoned. AHS is ready and willing to take both dogs into our care. We have already received several inquiries from individuals who are more than willing to adopt both dogs. Once again, egos take precedence over the welfare of the animals.


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