Princess’ Story


Our ACO, Maria Cymanski, patrols the neighborhoods that we service and when she spots an animal in need, she is right there to help the animal and get them to safety. Maria discovered a beautiful Persian cat that looked quite neglected, some time ago in the town of Barnegat. The cat was living outside in the cold temperatures, with no shelter, and was quite matted and unkept. She contacted the owners right away and explained to them that they must provide adequate shelter for this poor creature, and access to food and water as well. They promised that they would set up an area in the garage for the cat, and give her free access to the garage to go in and out as she needed. Maria warned that she would be following up to check on the cats condition, and urged the owners to have this beautiful, female Persian groomed and vetted, and kept inside.

Some time passed and Maria drove past the home on a particularly cold day. Sure enough, this poor cat was still outside. She had no access to the garage, and no adequate shelter had been provided for her. This dear, sweet older lady of a cat, who we have named Princess, was trembling from the cold, terribly matted, and covered in dirt, mulch, and feces. Maria was beside herself at the sight of this poor girl and wanted to immediately remove her from the property to bring her to safety. Since our organization does not have the authority to confiscate an animal without proper authorization, Maria called the NJ SPCA for approval. She described the condition of the cat over the phone and was given the okay to take the cat.

When Princess came in, it was very evident that she was relieved to be in good hands and in a warm, loving environment. Our veterinary team and staff got to work on cleaning her up, vetting her, giving her a good meal and warm blankets, and lots of TLC. Even in the sad state that Princess was in, she did not stop purring the whole time that our staff was shaving away the thick matts from her coat, and removing the dirt, feces and urine from her tiny body.

Princess has settled in now, and has had a full spa day. This beautiful lady is a whole new kitty! She is so happy to be well cared for now, and welcomes all of the attention that we are giving her. Princess is about 10 to 11 years old, and deserves a fresh start in life. She is calm, friendly, affectionate and very laid-back. She deserves a good home where she will be loved and cared for the way she deserves to be, and will never be left out in the cold again. Please consider opening your heart and home to our precious, Persian Princess.



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