Poem: Telly


Written by: Judy Turner

My name is Telly, and I am so sad you …see,
My best friend Tess is forever lost to me.
Some people came , and gave no thought to me,
But my Tess was on the news, don’t you see.

Well I went to this place, where love abounds,
But still I am having my ups and downs.
I am warm and safe, and they try and try,
But still without Tess, I just cry and cry.

I can not understand, why I was sent here,
They say it’s terrible, and I will die in fear,
Yet it was fine to send me, but not my sweet Tess,
I did not make the news, so they could care less.

I feel safety and love for the first time in my life,
No hungry belly, and they soothe my strife.
They say Tess went virile, I don’t understand,
My life meant nothing, to a hateful man.

These people are so kind, and loving you see,
They are fighting and fighting to bring Tess back to me.
One calls this shelter “high kill” and he is saving Tess,
But he had no problem disposing of me in this mess.

So let me close by saying, I love those who do care for me,
And Thank You sweet guardians for trying to get Tess back to me.
I know how it will end, My Tess is being left, in the abuse alone,
And you will be fighting to get me into a great loving home.

Good bye my sweet Tess, I will never forget you,
But the politics of one man, we can not undo.
I am sorry you are left as a pawn in his game,
I will love you forever and leave him in his shame


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